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Our Work

Shining a light on the power of ocean solutions.

Set sail on our mission to restore the health of our ocean.

At the nexus of climate action and sustainable solutions, we create strategies and content that instill hope and move audiences into action.

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Explore with us as we bring ocean stories and solutions to light for the benefit of biodiversity, humanity, and climate.

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Areas of Impact

In our quest to protect and rewild the ocean, SeaLegacy has demonstrated a unique ability to help rewrite the narrative, one conversation at a time.

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Our Work
Our Work
Our Work

Galapagos sea lion, Zallophus woellebacki, Galapagos Islands

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Our Work
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Our Work

Adventure with purpose.

Harnessing the expertise of distinguished filmmakers, conservationists, and photographers, we illuminate ocean stories and sustainable solutions for a better world and climate.

“Some people plan trips and they know that they’re going to go from A to B, and they know which road they’re going to travel. A voyage, really, is a leap of faith into the unknown,”

— Cristina Mittermeier, Co-Founder and Lead Storyteller.

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Discover our ocean stories.

Setting sail with SeaLegacy is more than a voyage. It’s an invitation to witness and shape oceanic transformation.

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Our Work

In a global push to protect global marine biodiversity, a growing number of countries have pledged and are taking action to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030, a movement known as ’30×30′.

Areas of Impact

Explore our guide to a brighter future.

Dive into SeaLegacy’s essential roadmap, where seven areas converge to reshape the ocean’s future.

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