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Protect the Power of the Living Ocean with SeaLegacy.

Take action to save the ocean, save us, and the planet.

Life on Earth is not possible without a living ocean. We can heal and restore the ocean just as it heals and restores us. Together, we can prove that the power of the people can rewrite the future of our ocean and achieve momentous victories in conservation – the right story changes everything!

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Megaptera, Paul Nicklen

Megaptera, Paul Nicklen

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In a global push to protect global marine biodiversity, a growing number of countries have pledged and are taking action to protect 30% of the ocean by 2030, a movement known as ’30×30′.

Take action to save the ocean, save us, and the planet.

SeaLegacy’s conservation work is made possible by generous donors. Your donation today will fund on-the-ground research and other explorer-led projects that illuminate and protect our oceans through science, exploration, education, and storytelling.

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