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#CRISTINA MITTERMEIER | ”It all starts with a sense of enough”

The dusky pink trio of feeding flamingos, the ethereal vision of a lonely humpback whale or the current of a colourful shoal of fish are only some of the rich collection of photographs that Cristina “Mitty” Mittermeier has caught and brought back to land from the depths of the natural world. With her talent and profound ecological sensibility, Cristina has become one of the leading nature photographer of our day and has co-founded SeaLegacy, a global agency for the ocean aiming to bring together climate action and sustainable solutions by supporting scientific endeavours and conservation strategies.

In her explorations of both the natural and human realms, Cristina attempts to bridge these worlds through her photography, in an attempt to instil awe and convey the beauty of ecologies that are often distant and unseen. In this interview, she tells us about how her relationship to the natural environment has developed, how her journey as a woman has affected her works, and how we must understand how much is enough in order to find harmony with our wounded and depleted earth. It all starts with a sense of enough.

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