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Areas of Impact

Restoring the health of our ocean is critical to solving the climate crisis.

We bring ocean stories and solutions to light for the benefit of biodiversity, humanity, and climate.

Driven by purpose and guided by science, we follow the Rebuilding Marine Life roadmap created by the world’s leading marine scientists to shape climate action and rebuild our blue planet through seven key wedges: protect more of the ocean, protect more species, restore degraded habitats, reduce pollution, source food wisely, recast the sea as a natural solution to climate change; and SeaLegacy’s unique seventh wedge – achieve ocean equity and justice for coastal communities.

photo that gives an overview of the SeaLegacy Recovery Wedges and SDG 14 commitment

SeaLegacy leverages the Rebuilding Marine Life recovery framework to ensure our portfolio amplifies conservation impacts for ocean, people, and the planet.

Furthermore, we align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14), which aims to “conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development.” The establishment of marine protected areas throughout our ocean stands as a crucial pathway towards achieving the objectives outlined in SDG 14. We extend our gratitude to our committed community of partners, scientists, ambassadors, and Tide donors who are instrumental in realizing this goal.

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Protect more of the ocean

By advocating for the protection of at least 30% of the ocean by the year 2030.
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Protect more species

By supporting protections through international agreements like CITES and local governments.

Restore degraded habitats

By promoting the restoration of habitats like mangrove forests and coral reefs.
Areas of Impact

Stem the flow of pollution to the ocean

By supporting technological innovation, policy change, and raising public awareness.
diver and school of fish

Rethink how we source food from the ocean

By advocating for policy change, public awareness and innovation in aquaculture practices and plant-based seafood alternatives.
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Recast the ocean as a solution to climate change

Through the restoration and protection of blue carbon sinks, creating blue marketplaces, and supporting innovative climate solutions.
girl child sitting on rocks by ocean

Achieve Ocean equity and justice for coastal communities

All the work that we do in each of the wedges has to be viewed through this lens to make sure the solutions we are proposing do not leave people or planet behind. We also must identify and support the next generation of ocean change-makers from diverse communities across our planet.