Large fish, sharks, tuna and cod fished out


Marine Dead Zones Worldwide

1 Billion

People around the world depend on fish

Our oceans need us to make different choices. Healthy oceans ensure a future for everyone – from our coastal peoples to marine ecosystems.

Restore Our Oceans

Our Vision

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Sea Legacy creates the highest quality visual content to expose the state of our oceans.

We are photographers and photojournalists, artists and scientists. We work with conservation groups, scientific institutions, NGOs, and the media to bring the plight of our oceans to light and to drive change.

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‘Exposing Our Oceans. Sustaining Our Future’

The Impact we're making

Be part of a legacy for the sea

The ocean is vast. It cannot speak for itself. Your support helps ensure more people – including scientists and policy developers – understand the dire state of our oceans and commit to positive change. There is hope and your funding will help put the oceans in the global spotlight.

Restore Our Oceans

The Ocean's Messengers

Paul Nicklen

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