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The Tide

Our global community of Tide supporters help SeaLegacy overcome the greatest challenges facing our ocean.

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Your support of The Tide will help to restore and rewild our ocean.

The Tide

Emperor Penguins shot from the Mario Zuchelli Base, Ross Sea, Antarctica. Penguins at Floe Edge at Terra Nova.

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What is The Tide?

The Tide is an ocean community made up of people who care deeply about the future of our planet and give what they can so that, together, we can restore our ocean.

Guided by science and driven by purpose, our community is dedicated to saving the ocean through the power of inspiring stories and innovative solutions. In our quest to protect and rewild the ocean, we are dedicated to supporting the 30×30 worldwide initiative for governments to designate at least 30% of Earth’s land and ocean as protected areas by 2030. The Tide helps us to move forward these vital efforts.


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What can be your impact as a Tide donor?

Our Tide supporters help us to reach and inspire more hearts and minds to become involved in accelerating progress towards 30×30 protections through our global impact expedition onboard the SeaLegacy 1, international policy campaigns, and visual storytelling. Thanks to the unwavering support of The Tide community, our team has achieved more than 800 conservation victories since our humble beginnings on the shores of Vancouver nearly a decade ago.

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Wandering Albatrosses Prion Island, South Georgia
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What can you expect as a Tide supporter?

Every contribution you make plays a pivotal role in safeguarding marine wildlife, empowering coastal communities, and igniting global action through powerful ocean narratives. Together, we bridge the gap between the depths of the sea and the power of millions, all united for a brighter future. Gain exclusive behind-the-scenes access to our expeditions, hear directly from our co-founders about your conservation impact in our monthly reports, and receive updates on our latest episode and campaign releases.

Join us and become part of the positive change our ocean and the world urgently need.

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Every day our team receives distress calls pouring in from fellow ocean advocates around the world.

Thanks to the monthly support of our generous Tide community, SeaLegacy can answer them. Together we have successfully launched countless campaigns, helped carry hundreds of conservation wins over the finish line, and supported ocean initiatives and solutions across the globe. The Tide is made up of people who care deeply about the future of our planet and give what they can so that, together, we can restore our ocean. 

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Each month, our Tide supporters gain exclusive access and insight into SeaLegacy’s work on the front lines of climate change and ocean conservation through a comprehensive report directly from our co-founders. See how your monthly contribution drives lasting change in real time and become part of the movement to restore our blue planet.

#TurningTheTide is critical for our ocean, people, and our planet. Join us today and together we will rewrite the story for ocean conservation.

Sea turtle in the Caribbean


Protect more of the ocean

Establishment of ethically managed highly and fully protected areas

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The Tide

Protect more species

Safeguard vulnerable and endangered marine wildlife

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Achieve ocean equity

Empower coastal communities and sustainable local economies

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Restore degraded habitats

Support vital research and science-backed ocean solutions

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Our three SeaLegacy co-founders aboard SeaLegacy 1 in French Polynesia
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The Tide unites global communities to save the ocean, for us and the planet.

We aim to bridge the gap between the depths of the sea and the power of millions, all united for a brighter future.

The Tide recognizes that the ocean isn’t just a victim of climate variability – it is our solution. If our ocean dies, we will die with it. Life on Earth is not possible without a living ocean and we have so many hopeful solutions that we can pursue together with your support. Your monthly gift will help save the estimated two billion species that call the ocean home and the more than one billion people who rely on the ocean for food.

Together, we can prove that the power of the people can rewrite the future of our ocean and achieve momentous victories in conservation – the right story changes everything!

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