The Collective

The SeaLegacy Collective is a distinguished group of world-renowned photographers and filmmakers, who join our founders on expeditions around the globe.
Together, the members of the Collective bring decades of experience and a diverse set of skills to documenting marine ecosystems and life at the water's edge. They are also committed to lending their social influence and sharing their existing work to amplify SeaLegacy’s mission. During 2018, we will expand the program and continue to bring powerful visual storytellers on board.



Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski is a globally published adventure sports and environmental portrait photographer. Chasing light has kept Ladzinski waiting days on end for the sun to break for a photo, and, at other times, packing over 100 pounds of location lighting equipment through knee deep snow to get the envisioned shot.

An award-winning photographer, Ladzinski's photography has been praised by American Photo, PDN, and the International Library of Photography. The British Journal of Photography named Ladzinski to be among the top four adventure photographers in the world. Ladzinski's editorial work has appeared on the front page of the New York Times, National Geographic Adventure, Discover Magazine, Men's Journal, Outside Magazine, Runner's World, ESPN, with photos appearing on over 30 covers.

Over the past two years Ladzinski has enjoyed teaching workshops as an instructor at Rich Clarkson's adventure photography and sports photography workshops. His environmental portraits have earned him a monthly column in Rock and Ice magazine profiling some of the more colourful personalities in the rock climbing world.

SeaLegacy is lucky to have Ladzinski 's new passion be ocean conservation.  His skills, tenacity and unwavering commitment will undoubtedly make a difference for our world's oceans.


Andy Mann

Andy Mann's imagery is helping tell the story of our rapidly changing planet. From humble beginnings working as senior photographer for Climbing Magazine, Andy carved himself out as a forerunner in the world of adventure film and photography for a decade before circling back into water conservation, a field he studied and worked in out of college.

Mann's passion now focuses heavily on ocean conservation and freshwater issues on all seven continents, working directly with SeaLegacy, National Geographic's Pristine Seas (where his team received the Crystal Compass Award from the Russian Geographical Society for work in Franz Josef Land), Waitt Foundation, Oceans 5, Moore Charitable Foundation and Google Classrooms. The resulting imagery and cinematography remind us how the emotion of an image can touch our spirit.

He is widely known for his work with sharks, but has a soft spot for documenting sea grass (posidonia).  You'll be hard-pressed to find a more likeable and fun person to share time with, whether it's over a beer, on a bivy ledge in the mountains, or rocking in stormy seas. 


Justin Hofman

Justin Hofman splits his efforts between working as an expedition leader, wildlife photography/videography, and scientific illustration. Although requiring distinct skill sets, each facet of Hofman’s life is executed with the same goal in mind: inspiring people to care about the natural world. Having traveled extensively, Hofman has seen firsthand how important conservation and education are to maintaining healthy and beautiful ecosystems.

Owing to the universal appeal of beautiful nature photography, Hofman’s images have been published in several languages and have been displayed on almost every continent. Working as an illustrator and graphic designer, Hofman has contributed to several college-level textbooks in the US. He sees this as a great way to help educate the next generation of marine biologists and oceanographers.