The Collective

The SeaLegacy Collective is a distinguished group of photographers and filmmakers. Together, the members of the Collective bring decades of experience and a diverse set of skills to document marine ecosystems. They are committed to lending their social influence to amplify SeaLegacy’s mission.


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Keith Ladzinski

Keith Ladzinski’s work sends him to the furthest reaches of the seven continents on assignment for a range of clients including National Geographic magazine and The New York Times. In 2011, Keith began working as a director and has made films and television content on all seven continents. He lives in Boulder, Colorado.

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Andy Mann

Andy Mann's imagery helps tell the story of a rapidly-changing planet, focusing heavily on ocean conservation and freshwater issues. He is widely known for his work with sharks, but has a soft spot for documenting sea grass (posidonia). 

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Justin Hofman

Justin Hofman splits his efforts between working as an expedition leader, wildlife photography/videography, and scientific illustration. Although requiring distinct skill sets, each facet of Hofman’s life is executed with the same goal in mind: inspiring people to care about the natural world.


Simon Ager

Simon Ager is not only the esteemed director of Canada's arm of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. For the past nine years, Ager has participated in over 15 marine-based campaigns with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. To read more about this daring photographer and his exploits, read "It Takes a Pirate to Catch a Pirate," on SeaLegacy's Thin Blue Line.

Jody MacDonald

Jody MacDonald explores the last untamed corners of the planet. Having sailed around the world twice over the span of a decade, she is passionate about stepping off the beaten path in pursuit of documenting environmental and ocean conservation issues in the hopes of fuelling inspiration, optimism and action. 

Daisy Gilardini

Daisy Gilardini is a photographer specialized in polar regions and North American bears. Gilardini’s images have been published internationally by leading magazines and organizations, such as National Geographic, Smithsonian, BBC Wildlife, Nature’s Best, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, among many others.


Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn Heinrichs is the founder of Blue Sphere Foundation, an Emmy Award-winning cinematographer, photographer, and marine conservationist, and was one of the lead activists and co-creators of the Oscar-nominated film, Racing Extinction. Shawn has gone undercover exposing the endangered marine species trade in some of the most remote and challenging locations on Earth.