Not since Jacques Cousteau has anyone told the story of the world’s oceans in the way that SeaLegacy has undertaken. But with SeaLegacy it’s not about exploration, it’s about preservation. By harnessing the power of digital media, our work is even more impactful and innovative—and connects the global community to our oceans like never before.

This fall, we are launching a new, improved SeaLegacy web platform.  This will be a powerful storytelling tool for the SeaLegacy Collective and for our partners that will allow us to share timely and resonant stories., along with other media and partner channels, gives us a powerful base to sustain a steady drumbeat of important stories over the coming months and years—and to launch upcoming campaigns with our partners on the ground. We’re also providing real-time updates with our community from the farthest reaches of the ocean and our expeditions in Antarctica, Norway, and the Great Bear Sea via our social network.

Storytelling is hardwired into the human fabric. Digital and social media provides us with a global, virtual campfire, and we have never been better poised to share the story of our world’s oceans. By focusing our efforts on targeting high-traffic online, social media, and influencers, as well as established news media channels, we amplify our storytelling to reach a much larger audience and cast our net globally.    
Cristina Mittermeier, Founder of SeaLegacy