The Paul Nicklen Gallery in New York

The Paul Nicklen Gallery was created to support the mission of SeaLegacy.  Located on 347 West Broadway, in New York City, the Gallery represents a large selection of works by Paul Nicklen, Cristina Mittermeier and other members of the SeaLegacy community.  The gallery donates proceeds from the sales of these works to support the mission of SeaLegacy. 

See a selection of works from the Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier represented by the Gallery here.

Paul has donated all the proceeds of his book to SeaLegacy.  Your purchase supports the work we do to drive the conversation on the fate of our world's oceans.




Photographing wild

More than tips and tricks, this book is about the philosophy that Paul Nicklen was followed to become one of our generation's top wildlife and conservation photographers.

In a beautiful 200-page PDF downloadable eBook, Photographing Wild is your chance to learn from a photographer who is as hard-working and passionate as he is talented. This book was written to teach you the principles behind the powerful photographs Paul Nicklen makes for the magazine with the iconic yellow borders, National Geographic.

Joined by colleagues and legendary photographers Jimmy Chin, David Doubilet, and Brent Stirton (among others), Paul gives you 16 ways to make stronger photographs, no matter what you photograph or where you photograph it. No gimmicks, no platitudes, and no formulae: just real-world practices to tell better stories and make your images so strong they can’t be ignored.