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Storytelling through Expedition

Our work makes a positive impact on our oceans, its wildlife and you.

SeaLegacy combines decades of experience in conservation, photography, and communications, with the latest digital and social technologies, to build a healthy future for our oceans. Centered around extraordinary visual storytelling, our approach to impact has three key steps:


First, we lead a team of the world’s best photographers and filmmakers on expedition to capture the beauty and the threats below the surface of our oceans.


With your help, we spread the word. Using the incredible media we capture out on expedition we fuel global campaigns that trigger lasting and sustainable change.


And we don’t stop there. As a community we amplify and fund inspiring projects around the world, creating healthy and abundant oceans, one solution at a time.

Full-Width Image of Ocean

Big blue wave crystal colored

Photographer, California 2022

A big wave is coming.

Our new website will be launching in early 2023 featuring our latest expeditions and work to explore and protect our oceans. Join our community to stay in the know.

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Two penguins jumping out of water in front of a giant glacier and landing on their bellies.

Two penguins splashing out the water onto snow playfully

Photographer, Antarctica 2022

Thank you for your support.

A seal laying on snow and rocks in front of a colorful sunset view over the water

Photographer, Antarctica 2022

Thanks to you we are able to provide support for critical ocean science and conservation action.

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