Terry McGinnis

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Entertainment Industry

Terry McGinnis is a Hollywood entertainment executive, producer and marketing head, as well as a serial entrepreneur in the e-commerce field and decentralised finance.

Having founded Online Shop and Britain’s first and only exchange Financial Express, Terry focuses on creating resonating solutions to otherwise old-school problems that do not have much innovation, helping to bridge the gap between enterprise and consumer technology, providing access to all.

“SeaLegacy is more than just marine conservation, it plays a pivotal role in creation of new ethical policy on the world stage, climate regulation, food, jobs, livelihoods and economic progress through ethical and innovative practices unseen within other organisations of its kind. I am humbled and extremely honoured to be part of their mission to bring resolve in an otherwise chaotic ocean of malpractice, overfishing and corruption.”

Terry McGinnis

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