Sri Divya

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Sri Divya is an actor primarily working in the Telugu and Tamil film industries in India.


Sri’s success can be attributed to her captivating appearance and her skill in portraying relatable characters. With her charming looks and authentic performances, she has amassed a large fan following. Her simplicity and down-to-earth personality have endeared her to fans both on and off the screen.

She embraced a vegan lifestyle after watching the documentary Cowspiracy, showcasing her resolute commitment to causes she holds dear.

“Realizing the sheer richness of life in our oceans – the magnificent creatures, their intelligence, and their entire existence – holds profound significance. Confronting the truth that we, as humans, are causing imbalances in these invaluable ecosystems, what alternatives do we have besides correcting our actions? Individuals who communicate through powerful photographs and documentaries help us better understand the numerous issues that exist today, supporting much-needed ocean conservation”

Sri Divya

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