Samantha Gradoville

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Samantha’s journey from small-town Nebraska girl to supermodel all began because of her love for the ocean.


From a young age, Samantha had aspirations to become a marine biologist. So when she was offered a trip to California to meet with modeling agencies, she jumped at the opportunity to finally see the ocean she had been dreaming of for so long. Nearly 18 years later, Samantha has created editorial imagery for countless fashion magazines, walked in hundreds of shows for the top designers at Fashion Week, and was named in the Top 50 Models of the World by Throughout her travels, Samantha visited some of the most beautiful beaches, learned how to surf, became Padi certified, and discovered parts of the ocean she never could have imagined. Samantha has since launched Samvara Jewelry, where she uses her skills as a metalsmith to handcraft each of her unique designs. Samantha has also created an apothecary known as Beloved Earth, where she applies her knowledge as an herbalist to create herbal medicines that help others heal themselves through the power of Mother Nature.

“My love for the ocean started me off on my journey of self-discovery and has only gotten greater with time. I found a deep sense of peace and healing within its waters, and I know without these saving graces, I would not be the woman I am today. Beyond that, the ocean produces somewhere between 50-80% of our Earth’s oxygen meaning we quite literally need it to survive. Ocean conservation is not something that should happen—it must happen! I am so proud to be an ambassador and work alongside SeaLegacy not only for the preservation of our ocean, but for the well-being of future generations and our entire planet as a whole.”

Samantha Gradoville

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