Nina Dobrev

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Entertainment Industry

Actress, writer, director and producer, Nina Dobrev has established herself as a multi-hyphenate artist in Hollywood, amassing an impressive resume of diverse and memorable roles in all genres in television and film.


Nina stars as the female lead in the Netflix comedy The Out-laws, for producer Adam Sandler, opposite Adam Devine and Ellen Barkin. Additional films include, The Bricklayer alongside co-star Aaron Eckhart, Reunion, and Sick Girl. She also executive produced The League, which premiered at the 2023 Tribeca Film Festival. In 2021, Dobrev made her directorial debut with short film The One.

In addition to her work in entertainment, Dobrev is also the co-owner of Fresh Vine Wine with best friend Julianne Hough, creating premium wines for health-conscious individuals, available nationwide.

“I had the chance to experience the beauty of the ocean with Cristina and Paul, during an expedition to Antarctica. Antarctica is a majestic place, essential to the balance of the global ecosystem. The cracks in Antarctica’s ice signal a crack in our planet’s foundation. We must protect the ocean.⁠ SeaLeagacy tells great stories to bring hope to the ocean and to catalyze ocean conservation. Support their mission, reshare their content, learn with them, spread the word, and join The Tide, a passionate community of monthly donors supporting their work.”

Nina Dobrev

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