Naomi Watts

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Entertainment Industry

Naomi Watts is a British born actress who grew up in Australia and then went on to become one of the most important stars in Hollywood following outstanding performances across a range of roles in different films. 


Naomi’s ability to impose herself on roles and situations is the reason why she is regarded as one of the most versatile actors that Hollywood has ever had.

Furthermore, she is one of the first SeaLegacy ambassadors and has demonstrated a real love and passion for ocean conservation.

“The ocean beholds for me feelings of love and calmness. If I could describe the ocean in three words, what ultimately comes to mind is: beauty, power, and mystery. And if you would allow me one more…gargantuan.

Becoming a member of SeaLegacy has allowed me to further explore the depths of the ocean in unexpected ways, opening new doors to the lives it touches and supports. I love this partnership with SeaLegacy because they’re doing incredible work to make sure the oceans are abundant, healthy and well-respected. And I support that cause.”

Naomi Watts

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