Mariano Breccia

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Mariano Breccia is an extreme sportsman, communicator, photographer, and SeaLegacy Ambassador.


Mariano was born in Lima, Peru. He has been an extreme sportsman, explorer, and nature lover since birth. He studied veterinary medicine for three years, but due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to abandon his career. He is a professional communicator and photographer. He believes that the care of nature, the protection of the oceans, and the care of our planet should be fundamental principles for everyone.

“The ocean is life. It is fundamental for the development of any species that has any kind of relationship with it. We have been destroying it in different ways for years. It is time to change our way of thinking because we do not have the right to destroy the habitat of thousands of species. Sealegacy embodies all the ideals with which it was raised and grew up. It sheds light on what happens in our oceans and with the species that inhabit them. It creates strategies to fight against actions that threaten the oceans and inspires people to do the same.”

Mariano Breccia

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