Lorena Garal

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After a storied motocross and MTB
Downhill racing career, Lorena founded Wimok, an organization dedicated to connecting people with experts providing various opportunities to contribute to wildlife conservation.


Lorena Garal began her career as one of Latin America’s first female athletes, kickstarting her professional career as a motocross and MTB Downhill racer, clinching numerous National and International Titles.

However, a few years ago, fueled by a lifelong passion for wildlife and after spending extensive time immersed in nature through her sports, Lore founded Wimok, a non-governmental organization that acts as a bridge between people, experts, and wildlife conservation.

Throughout her life and fascinated by wildlife, she’s dabbled in other sports like freediving and paragliding, seamlessly cruising through water, land, and air, trying to understand animal movements and the diverse ecosystems they inhabit. You can see more about her work mixing adventure and nature at www.wimok.org

“After facing the most challenging event in my life, the ocean brought me back to life. It turned my tears into drops of water, and in the ebb and flow of its waves, it carried away my pain, giving me back love and vitality. After spending months immersed in its waters, I began to experience a sense of fulfillment and well-being like never before. Today, I can attest that the ocean is powerful and healing.

Now, it’s my turn to help protect it. My mission, together with Wimok and Sea Legacy, is to share and spread the deep love I feel for the sea and nature and to be a window to communicate the importance of the ocean and its species to humanity.”

Lorena Garal

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