Kate Walsh

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Kate Walsh is an actor and dedicated advocate for environmental action.


Kate is widely known for her starring role in the ABC dramas GREY’S ANATOMY/ PRIVATE PRACTICE, as well as Netflix’s EMILY IN PARIS, 13 REASONS WHY, & THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY.

Kate is an ardent advocate for many environmental causes but has a particular passion for ocean and marine life conservation. As a spokesperson for several environmental organizations, Walsh has worked alongside an array of distinguished filmmakers, photographers, and conservationists to utilize both her platform and her prolific talents to create content that underscores the importance of keeping oceans clean, sustainable, and safe. As a part of this effort, she has traveled to the U.S. Virgin Islands and Belize to both experience sea life firsthand and to educate herself on the many dangers facing our oceans; these trips, in turn, inspired her to partner with SeaLegacy as an ambassador. She has also helped many groups make advances in policymaking, journeying to Washington, D.C., on several occasions and winning protective legislation preventing deepwater drilling and encouraging carbon offsets.

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