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Two-time Academy Award winning actress and producer Hilary Swank has been passionate about all things sustainability since childhood, becoming a vegan at age 16 before packing up with her mother to make the drive to Los Angeles where her career began.

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Hilary’s love for Mother Nature and the life of every creature (big and small as you can tell from the variety in her 5 rescue dogs and bird), stems from the gratitude in knowing the role every living thing plays in this life and just how interconnected we all are. Through her work both on and off-screen, she strives to bring awareness to important issues, including animal abandonment with her foundation Hilaroo (that connects children in the foster system with rescue dogs) and sustainable-oriented clothing line Mission Statement (which encourages every woman to pursue and live their own personal mission statement).

“There’s no worse feeling than when you give all your effort to something and receive so little in return. I think that must be how the ocean feels. No matter where you stand on this planet, you are connected to the ocean and have it to thank for each breath, each sip of water, each beautiful plant you pass. We need to pour love into the ocean the way it pours itself into us because at the end of the day, it is not limitless. Ecosystems are dying, species are becoming extinct, and there are over 8 million tons of plastic polluting our waters. We have to do something because our oceans are depending on us at the same time that we aren’t even aware of just how much we depend on them.“

Hilary Swank

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