Guillermo “Pirry” Prieto La Rotta

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Journalist, Documentary Filmmaker, Photographer and Writer

Guillermo Prieto La Rotta best known as “Pirry” is a colombian journalist, documentary filmmaker, photographer and writer and after 16 years in the Colombian TV, Pirry now a days is an environment lover and protector.


The extreme sports have always been Pirry’s fascination. That’s why, from skydiving, rock climbing, hiking and diving Pirry tells stories, defending and racing the voice of the ones that don’t have it, and his principal motivator is the planet Earth.

“I have always had a dilemma with the phrase “save the world” because the world can survive perfectly with the absence of humans, but we can’t survive without our home, the planet Earth. Therefore, I think people should join SeaLegacy, because they are a great initiative to be able to contribute and help to protect our oceans, vital for the existence of the entire world.”

Guillermo “Pirry” Prieto La Rotta

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