Claudio Mello

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Entertainment Industry

In the publishing, media and entertainment market for over 20 years, Claudio Mello is the publisher of Mundo TOP, a content hub responsible for the magazines @topmagazine, @topdestinos and @revistatopcarros.


Claudio produces films and digital projects that unite brands with artists, singers and personalities with millions of admirers. He is the creator of the #NoronheZE project that will make the island of Fernando de Noronha a territory free of combustion vehicles by 2030, and of Gigantes dos Mares, which aims to publicize the importance of preserving large marine animals. He also serves as an advisor to CEOs and marketing executives in the automotive, tech, telco, tourism, financial and luxury segments.

“I’ve been a diver for eight years and passionate about the oceans since I was five. Already in the first dives, I went to the main national and international parks with the main oceanographer and videographer in Brazil, where I sponsored his trips to learn everything about the subject. What I love most about this medium is having the opportunity to get close to large animals, and through the images that I take, in remote places on Earth, I manage to bring this reality to people who do not have access. Through this, they see how important it is to preserve the oceans. The ocean has an owner, respect it.

SeaLegacy manages to capture images that only our eyes, being in that place, can see. Its founders discuss and defend territories to protect the seas. And I admire it because they are always debating for governments to move and create laws to preserve the oceans and the species that live in them.”

Claudio Mello

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