Claudia Bahamón

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Claudia Bahamón is a TV host, producer, presenter, dedicated environemntal advocate, and SeaLegacy Ambassador.


Claudia Bahamón is one of the most beloved and recognized television presenters in the Hispanic world. She has been the presenter of seven consecutive seasons of Master Chef Colombia on the RCN channel, making it the show with the highest audience in its time slot, also broadcast on the Discovery Channel for the entire region.

Claudia’s international exposure led her to CNN en Español, where she made a series of collaborative appearances, as well as on Univision, where she produced a documentary about the innocent victims of Colombia’s armed conflict. She also hosted several television specials on E! Entertainment Latin America.

On the social side, her love and commitment to the environment made her a member of CO2Zero, a company dedicated to reforestation and caring for the ecosystem to minimize the carbon footprint we leave on the planet, and they unveiled the Seal of Sustainable Fashion (SMS) to make visible good practices in the fashion and clothing sector in Colombia. She created BeClá, a platform with a popular podcast where Claudia and her guests serve as a guide for her audience to initiate a much-needed and urgent change in their habits with the aim of caring for planet Earth. In 2021, it launched the annual event, BeClá Ocean Connection, a trip experience where high-profile guests travel to different places and experience first-hand the consequences of climate change and the action necessary to reverse them. That year, together with EXMA Global and LatinWE, he held ResEarth, a digital event of more than seven hours, with guests such as Charly Alberti, Vanessa Hauc, Arap Bethke, Carolina Obregon, Xime and Andrew Ponch, Arturo Islas Allende, Manuel Pulgar Vidal, Francisco Activist, among others, whose objective was to educate its more than five thousand attendees on how to reduce their carbon footprint. She was also a special guest at the Latin America Green Awards, the most important socio-environmental event in the region. Claudia has also been the face and activist of Earth Hour for the last 13 years and is a WWF ambassador taking part in the 2020 Summit in Madrid, Spain. Since 2015, Claudia has been a Climate Reality Leader, a certificate she received from former US Vice President Al Gore.

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