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Entertainment Industry

As an award-winning international actress and spokeswoman, Cecilia Suarez uses her public platform to support organizations and causes from Greenpeace to the United Nations.


Cecilia is an internationally recognized actress in film, television, and theater. Honors include being the first Spanish speaking actress to be nominated for an international Emmy® Award for her role in the “Capadocia” series for HBO.

In her conservation work with Greenpeace, she was a partner and activist leading several global campaigns: 2007 & 2012: “Proteger el Parque Nacional Marino Cabo Pulmo” in the fight to save the Cabo Pulmo Reef & Ocean Sanctuary, 2008: “Actuar contra la destrucción del Gran Bosque de Agua” in support of the Act against the destruction of the Great Forest of Water, and 2009: “No a los Transgénicos” to protect Mexico’s corn production from genetically modified or transgenic science-farming practices.

She has been actively engaged with the United Nations since 2011 with the creation of the UN’s Human Rights Initiative Declárate, after the Mexican government began cracking down on organized crime to the point of suppressing human rights activists. Based on her long track record of public advocacy for gender equality in her home country of Mexico, Suárez was appointed by United Nations Secretary General António Guterres to be a UN Global Advocate in 2020. Her focus is on The Spotlight Initiative, the world’s largest targeted effort to end all forms of violence against women and girls. In her role, Suárez has been dedicating her time and energy to speak out to more than one million people to her social media platforms on the prevention of femicides and on ending toxic masculinity around the world. Each year, she addresses world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. 

“Fighting for the conservation of our oceans is the most important cause of our time; SeaLegacy is at the forefront of that fight, mobilizing to create awareness and action to save our planet.”

Cecilia Suarez

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