Carissa Cabrera

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Carissa is an ocean climate solutionist, published marine biologist, Harvard-recognized storyteller, and founder of Futureswell, an ocean conservation consultancy and media platform.


Carissa’s life’s work is to bring ocean conservation to the masses, share ocean climate solutions with the world to inspire collective action, + empower young women to find their role in the movement. Carissa is an Ecuadorian American based in Hawaiʻi, where she works with community restoration groups to integrate indigenous management with modern conservation to protect our ocean. Harnessing her background in endangered species conservation and community organizing, she advocates for an inclusive and nature-based approach to ocean protection. In addition to being the CEO of Futureswell, Carissa is also a National Geographic educator, leads program development for Kuleana Coral Restoration, and hosts a podcast called Sustainability & The Sea.

“Our world is shaped by the stories we tell ourselves, and share with others. As we face a closing window of opportunity to safeguard our blue planet, stories are our force to change hearts, minds, behaviors, and reconnect the world to the ocean – our greatest common ancestor. My own story was shaped by the work of SeaLegacyʻs founders, and I am a better conservationist because of it. As an ambassador, it is a gift and honor to represent not only the mission to protect our deep blue home, but also the next generation of storytellers speaking for our ocean to ignite change.”

Carissa Cabrera

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