Arap Bethke

SeaLegacy  Ambassador   |  

Entertainment Industry

As an activist, Arap has been a spokesperson for causes that he is passionate about, including Al Gores’ The Climate Project, He For She from UN Women, and most recently collaborating with Oceana Mexico and Sachamama in ocean conservation projects.


Born in Nairobi, Kenya, and raised in Mexico City, Arap considers himself a global citizen. His acting career began at a young age, in Televisa, Mexico, where he participated in various TV shows and started training as an actor.

After completing a B.A. in Media and Cultural Studies in Sydney, he moved back to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. Today, Arap has become a successful actor in film, TV and theatre across Latin America and the US.

He is passionate about the ocean and believes that social media can be used for good, to create awareness on environmental issues.

“Protecting the ocean is fundamental to our survival. Not only is it a source of food and oxygen, but an essential part of our physical and emotional well-being. Without the ocean, there is no life. SeaLegacy has created a space where we can marvel at the beauty of the ocean. They continually remind us about the importance of its conservation through stunning images that transcend borders, just like the ocean.”

Arap Bethke

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