Bringing hope to our ocean.

SeaLegacy is the global marketing, education, and communication agency for the ocean.

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Meet our storytellers.

Headshot of Cristina Mittermeier smiling and looking off to the right

Cristina Mittermeier

Co-Founder and Lead Storyteller

Paul Nicklen standing on an iceberg wearing a blue winter cap

Paul Nicklen

Co-Founder and Lead Storyteller

Andy Mann wearing a wet suit and holding a camera while floating on the ocean and smiling

Andy Mann

Co-Founder and Lead Storyteller

We are an agency for the ocean.

SeaLegacy is the global marketing, education, and communication agency for the ocean. At the nexus of climate action and sustainable solutions, we create strategies and content that instill hope and move audiences into action.

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Paul Nicklen, Tonga

You can make an impact.

Your donation today will fund on-the-ground research and other explorer-led projects that illuminate and protect our ocean through science, exploration, education, and storytelling.

Full-Width Image of Ocean

Big blue wave crystal colored

Andy Mann, Savage Islands

A big wave is coming.

Join our community to explore the latest expeditions to protect our ocean and stay in the know of our newest endeavors.

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Two penguins jumping out of water in front of a giant glacier and landing on their bellies.

Two penguins splashing out the water onto snow playfully

Paul Nicklen, Antarctica

Thank you for your support.

A seal laying on snow and rocks in front of a colorful sunset view over the water

Andy Mann, Antarctica

Thanks to you we are able to provide support for critical ocean science and conservation action.

SeaLegacy is a 501c3 Nonprofit organization and gifts made to SeaLegacy are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. To inquire about supporting SeaLegacy’s mission with a tax-deductible gift, please email

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